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September 2016 : Little Lapin’s “Lover’s Gate”

Little Lapin – “Lover’s Gate” from the Album “Holding Out for the Kicks”

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What can I say?

I reviewed this album the other week for FATEA magazine,  (here) and listened to some of the tracks before moving on to some other albums on my list.

But the other night I was driving and I was observing the quietness on the roads and the mix of drunken tragedy (as the students are back) and seemingly tender moments in the palely lit walkways, it made me think of this song.

It is an indie folk song that is semi post-apocalyptic. What I mean is, you can imagine that the content is almost mildly fearful of what is to come, much like Grime’s “Oblivion” from the other year it conjures a sense of the void. But much like the rest of the album, it has youthful optimism which is communicated in quite an understated way on the album and in particular in this song . The subject in the song seemingly muses on a backup plan for just in case the world implodes and burns, it is delicately and beautifully sung with a touch of melancholy, it’s simplicity is it’s strength.

Not just that, the live performance is spot on with the album, the lighting and atmosphere is moody and evocative(if only I was there).

Check it out, much like the album in general there is a dream-like essence and a musing which gets the thoughts going.