Phenomena is what appears to us or “anything that manifests itself”

Folk Phenomena can be in charismatic cellar bars, shivering forest pines or in the blood of industrious street performers. Wherever there is music to be heard.

Music can remind you of a joyous embrace, the saddest of times or the fiercest of arguments, and folk music can do so especially.

This timeless endeavour through history where stories are transmitted from one generation to the next is still strong with new technology, interpretations and inspirations.

However it appears, it reminds us of the stories of the past, and engraves the stories of the present into little silver discs, and it is these that this website considers.

Folk Phenomena is a blog that seeks to capture, describe, and evaluate my own feelings of music, particular “folk” and associated acoustic musics, but not restricted to these genres. Using a detailed, experiential approach we consider both new and old folk music releases and reviews them to attempt to explain the wonder and interesting subjects within.

Please contact me by email Reviewer@folk-phenomena.co.uk if you would like me review a CD, show or gig.

Several of my writings also appear in the wonderful Fatea Magazine, check out their website below:

The wonderful FATEA magazine resource